”Headache gone"

Here are my experiences using the Syntonac penlights.
June 2

  • Before:  No energy/tired, stress headache, backache, ptosis right eye
  • After Alpha-Theta:  ptosis better but headache worse
  • After Upsilon-Omega:  Headache much better, more relaxed, more energy
  • After Neurasthenia:  lot more energy, slightly more stress
  • Ended with Upsilon-Omega:  stress gone, very relaxed

June 7

SYntonac Penlight Application

  • Before:  jaw clenched, normal day otherwise
  • After Alpha-Theta:  slight headache, more awake
  • After Mu:  headache gone, more at peace
  • Ended with Upsilon-Omega:  stress all gone, very relaxed, easier to breath (sinuses more open)  *my favorite
  • Will send more updates later

Words cannot merely express my immense gratitude.

L.K., OD