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We offer products to treat the patient through two main modes.

  • Focal - Local Syntonic Penlight Stimulation for the Optometrist needing precision in their treatment.
  • Syntonic Filter Goggles - Ideal for in-office and at home treatment regimens. These are based on Syntonic principles where the first filter in a combination of filters is closest to the eye.


Local-Focal Syntonic Optometry is a method applying specific light wavelengths to extrinsic muscle points, as other vision points on the body to bring about an energetic balance to improve visual function.  It has been tested on a variety of vision problems, with Syntonic Optometric testing before and after to determine the immediate response.

We offer two Focal - Local Syntonic Penlights:

  • In-office case
  • Home unit

We offer a wide array of filter combinations.

The SYntonac Local-Focal line is developed by Yvonne Frei, FO and Stefan Collier, FO.

We offer two Metabolic Syntonic Penlights:

  • Anabolic
  • Catabolic

The SYntonac Metabolic line is developed by Sarah Cobb.

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