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FSO Forum - Annual Membership

FSO Forum - Annual Membership

180.00 every 12 months

The FSO Forum is supported by a team collaboration software that brings people and the resources they need to one place, making it easier to share and learn about Functional Syntonic Optometry (FSO).

The FSO Forum is moderated by Stefan Collier, Chula Lerdvoratavee, Vasana Lerdvoratavee, Ronald Weingart and Yvonne Frei.

  • How to Join:

Please review the "Terms and Conditions" before joining.

The FSO Forum is available only to individuals who are licensed members in good-standing in the profession of Optometry, Retired Optometrists, Optometric Vision Therapists and Optometry Students.

  • To access the Hosted Service (FSO Forum), please fill in the Subscription Authorization Agreement and complete the payment process. 

  • Your application will be reviewed by the FSO Forum Administration. 

    • Once your application is accepted (normally within a few days) you will receive a personal invitation to access the FSO Forum. 

    • In the unlikely event that your application is not accepted by the FSO Forum Administration, your payment will be refunded.


Get together to get more experienced.

There’re 16 different Topic groups to give each subpart of Functional Syntonic Optometry an exclusive space where sharing can happen without barriers.

  • Communicate faster and collaborate better.

Keep in touch with your colleagues, no matter where you are, using Feeds. Exchange ideas, share cases, ask for help, learn through reading the FSO Support Articles, receive updates from FSO Forum members, and always stay up to speed on what’s happening in FSO.

  • Keep FSO files where you can find them.

Bring FSO files to one place, so all of you can access them when needed. Create documents with your colleagues using the online editors and turn writing into a collaborative process.

  • Channel discussions in realtime.

There’re channels to communicate in realtime with your colleagues and make time-sensitive learning happen faster. Videoconferences, direct calling,… Turn your channel into a conference room in a moment's notice. Getting information to the FSO Group is easy with drag-and-drop functionality. Different people, different perspectives - bring them all together to make Functional Syntonic Optometry (FSO) more understandable, easier and obtain faster results.

You, as a Functional Syntonic Optometrist, but most of all, your patients will have great benefit from it.